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Remember Names Manual
1 Guide, 142 Pages

Designed to complement your Remember Names DVD, this manual will help lock in the skills learned from your DVD and give
you the tools necessary to master & launch your newfound ability to the next level.

52 Flashcards

Because the human mind thinks in pictures, Remember Media has developed Remember Flashcards. Designed to complement your
Remember Playing Cards DVD, this specially designed “deck” is the absolute perfect tool to speed up your ability to absorb (and quickly incorporate) this unparalleled system. Whatever your game is, take advantage of the exact same flashcards Remember Media’s instructors use to practice with and become
Complete Remember Media System
Collection of All 4 DVDs

For a LIMITED TIME, order this Complete System and SAVE 35% over the individual DVD pricing.

1 DVD, Running Time: 105 minutes

Would you believe that the most powerful computer ever created is right between your own ears? Remember the Basics: The Basics of Memory Improvement will show you how to instantly and accurately recall anything – a day
or even a year from now!

1 DVD, Running Time: 78 minutes

How many times has it happened where you’ve met someone for the first time and just seconds later... you’ve already forgotten their name? Of course, it would be nice if everyone just wore a name tag 24/7. Since that’s not likely to happen,
Remember Names is the next best thing. In fact, this program is so powerful it’s like virtually giving you the ability to see name tags on everyone’s forehead!

1 DVD, Running Time: 72 minutes

How much more confident would you feel if you could deliver an engaging speech or presentation without having to constantly review or rely upon your notes? Increase your speaking success by maintaining eye contact and connecting with your audience. Remember Presentations will give you the power to convey greater sincerity & credibility of your subject matter by showing you how to flawlessly deliver any presentation entirely from memory.

1 DVD, Running Time: 125 minutes

What if you had the ability to remember which cards have been played at any given time or know which cards were still in the deck? Stack the deck in your favor with Remember Playing Cards! This powerful system will help you gain that competitive edge (perhaps even an unfair advantage) at many popular games including: Blackjack, Poker, Bridge, Pinochle, Gin Rummy and More!

Complete System $119.95
Complete System +
Names Manual
+ Flashcards
Complete System + Names Manual $132.90
Complete System + Flashcards $130.90

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