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What Else People Are Saying...

“I must say I’m extremely impressed with what I learned and how fast I learned it. With well over $250,000 invested in seminars, training, and coaching over the years, I can honestly say I got more useful skills quicker with you than any other trainer ever. Truth!”

Les Fohl, President & CEO
Hayward & Fohl Estate Brokerage – Hayward, CA
“I have learned more from this course than any other I have taken in many, many years.  Your D.I.S.K. System is a phenomenal concept and I will continue to use it daily.”

Tom Johnston
, Senior Managing Director
Cushman & Wakefield – Phoenix, AZ
“I teach hundreds of students every year who would benefit enormously from this course – my colleagues included!”

Dr. W. Dennis Clark, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Arizona State University, Department of Plant Biology – Tempe, AZ
“In the first 29 years of my career as a Financial Advisor, I became quite accomplished at embarrassing myself when I would run into a client in an ‘out of context’ environment and not being able to make the name/face connection… I knew the face but couldn't pull the name out from underneath the apparent pile of rocks in my brain.  The embarrassment level was significantly enhanced if I was with someone and I needed to make an introduction… not good for advancing client confidence and that all important client/advisor relationship.

Fortunately, Remember Media saved the day.  Sean & Dave provided me with the tools necessary to alleviate my memory issues.  Since then I do not recall having another ‘failure to connect’ incident and definitely haven't missed those unanticipated, embarrassing meetings.

In addition, Remember Media showed me how these tools transfer to all other areas of memory recall as well, which helps make life less stressful and more efficient.  Utilizing these techniques not only increases my confidence, aids in recall and among many other things, they can alleviate the nuisance of having to write out those annoying "to do" lists, shopping lists and the like.  Thanks again for the memory tool kit… it has been invaluable!”

Donley DeGroot
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network – Grand Rapids, MI
“I have ADHD, a short memory and could never remember anybody’s name – even as the President of American Business Women’s Association. 

Wow!  In 20 minutes I had the names of 20 people!  This is a lot easier than I thought it would be and this will definitely benefit my business as well as my family (I also can’t wait to help my 3 ADHD children with their memory).” 

Barbara Sparrgrove
, President
ABWA (Arrowhead Chapter) – Glendale, AZ
“This training was the best I’ve ever had!  I now know I have a great memory and look forward to improving it daily.  Thanks for a great new beginning!”

Dan Dickey, CCIM, RPA, President
NAI Harding Dahm – Fort Wayne, IN
This was the best course I have ever taken... and I have seen the best from Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy. You are truly the BEST!

Joseph Asemi, Fleet & Lease Manager
Autobahn Motors Belmont – CA
“At age 55, it has become harder for me to multi-task.  And it’s been even more difficult to stay focused and remember all the important things necessary to remember on a daily basis.

Your D.I.S.K. System has really helped me remember anything and everything I desire to recall instantly.  Some of the ways I’ve already put your system to use is by memorizing scripture, remembering key chapters & information from books, and no longer needing to write down my shopping lists.

I will say that the D.I.S.K. System is not only fun and easy to learn, but very practical.  It’s given me confidence and I’ve had a great time ‘wowing’ my family & friends with my now improved memory. 

It’s a good life… but it’s even better when I use Remember Media’s D.I.S.K. System.  Thank you so much.”

Linda Bobier
Scottsdale, AZ
“I am so pleased that I have been able to take this course. In the month following, I have not only noticed a very high amount of memory retention, but I’ve been continually testing myself and have only missed 1 person's name since learning your system.

I feel much more confident knowing these specific memory techniques that I otherwise would not have been able to utilize without this training.  I recommend this to everyone – it’s worth every cent!  Thank you Remember Media!!” 

Dean Wegner
WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital Corporation Scottsdale – AZ
“I just wanted to express my deep thanks for your incredible Memory program. I have been in sales and sales management for twenty five years and have spent thousands of dollars on workshops, seminars, books, and media to help me climb to the top 1% of my industry. It is with no disrespect to Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, and Tony Robbins that I say, the money I spent for this training has been of far greater value to me than any other money I have spent on self-improvement or career-enhancement.

In just the first month since going through this course, I am already reaping the rewards of a dramatically improved memory, especially in regard to remembering people's names. Even though I have vast experience in public speaking, the memory skills from this training have given me the ability to go completely off-notes during a presentation without fear of skipping any important parts. My twenty two year-old and eleven year-old sons have also gone through your course and are reaping the benefits both in business and the classroom. 

I would strongly recommend Remember Media for anyone interested in self-improvement, regardless of the point you're at in your career. The small investment of time and money in this program will reap huge rewards throughout your life.” 

Tim Helms, Sales Leader
Insphere Insurance Solutions Scottsdale – AZ
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