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“ Unbelievable, unexpected results! Awesome! ”

Roger Hinterlong
Power Chevrolet – Phoenix, AZ
“ It was worth my hard earned money and should repay me ten-fold in a very short time. Thanks again and best regards! ”

Scott Walters
Bob Moore Mazda – Oklahoma City, OK
“ This was incredible! I knew 29 names in 10 minutes. Before I couldn't even remember 2 names in 4 hours! I will earn back my money with the first person I meet. ”

Chris Smith
Anderson Ford – St. Joseph, MO
“ Dave Coffill is a great trainer. I have been in the car business for 15 years, and it is the best course I have ever taken. It can make you rich. ”

Dick Crumbish
Bob Stall Chevrolet – San Diego, CA
“ Words can't explain, but I feel that I just increased my income by $5,000 per year! ”

Orian Cofield
Bill Heard Chevrolet – Nashville, TN
“ This has really shown me that I can actually remember people's names! If this was the only thing I had learned it would have been well worth every penny. However, I learned techniques that will allow me to do so much more! I always thought my memory was my weak link… actually, until this, it was. Thanks again so much! ”

Jeff Johnson
Lowe Lincoln Mercury – Rainbow City, AL
“ If you had told me that I could learn (remember) so many things so quickly and so permanently, I would not have believed it. But it's true. Thanks for expanding my horizons. ”

Dale Kobe
Hubler Dodge – Indianapolis, IN
“ What an amazing course! It really does give you a greater sense of self-confidence to know you will remember the names that belong to faces, or that you will remember that endless list of things to do! ”

Teresa Cox
Hampton Roads Harley Davidson – Newport News, VA
“ I wish I had learned these memory techniques 20 years ago when I began my sales career. Your program was terrific! I am anxious to share what I've learned. ”

Kris Johnson
Keller Ford – Grand Rapids, MI
“ In my profession names and numbers are used endlessly each day. The time invested in your course will return me a wealth of retained knowledge. I highly recommend! ”

Greg Brooks
Townsend Ford – Honolulu, HI
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