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“ Thank you so much. I am in 7th grade and just today I had to memorize the body parts of a frog, and I had it down in no time. I really appreciate how you took your time to teach us fun ways to remember things. ”

Kayla Razavi
7th Grade Student CA
“ I feel so much more confident... you have no idea how much I appreciate this. ”

Allie Jenkins
7th Grade Student Wichita, KS
“ Great! I'm only in 9th grade, but this will make growing up WAY easier! School will be much easier, and I'll have less stress. Thanks for all those great memory techniques. I feel as if I learned a life-long experience, and it is certain that I will use these great memory techniques! ”

Stevy Cheung
9th Grade Student CA
“ There is no doubt in my mind that your techniques will come in very handy in my next few years at college. Thank you again for sharing this with me. ”

Michael DeAngelo
College Student, Arizona State University Cincinnati, OH
“ The memory training is a sure way to help me with my upcoming SAT exam. So thank you for that! ”

Rachel Seymour
High School Student Merced, CA
“ Being a junior in high school, this was very good for me. It was fun, entertaining and successful. Who knew learning how to learn could be so much fun. Thank You. ”

April Campbell
11th Grade Student - IN
“ This is going to be VERY useful during my Spanish classes, as well as many others. ”

Adam Mangosing
High School Student Benicia, CA
“ I have learned some amazing techniques on how to improve my memory. I truly believe this will help me with my education and beyond. Thank You! ”

Andi Sebastian
College Student, Miami University Cincinnati, OH
“ I think you are doing a terrific job. I am a 17 year old high school student, and if you can convince me then you can convince anyone! ”

John Peeler
High School Student San Ramon, CA
“ This has been a really enlightening experience. The results are real so I see now that this works. I'll be using these techniques in college for those hard-to-remember lists and classes. Thanks. ”

Daniel Koch
College Student Modesto, CA
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