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“ I came away with much more confidence in my ability to remember things quicker, and much more than I thought could be done so easily. This is well worth anyone's time to improve their memory and confidence in themselves. ”

John Shields
Mathematics Teacher – Scottsdale Unified School District, Scottsdale, AZ
“ I had a blast! It was wonderful and I can't wait to use this with my 1st graders at school. ”

Missy Jones
Teacher – Flint Springs Elementary, Huntington, IN
“ This was amazing! I will use this in my personal and professional life. Wonderful! ”

Michelle McCormick
Teacher – Richard E. Miller Elementary, Phoenix, Arizona
“ Thank you for teaching me some memory techniques that I can share with my 2nd graders. What a fun way to learn!! ”

Lane Schill
Teacher – Daleville Elementary School, Daleville, Indiana
“ The techniques work and I plan to use them in my classroom and share it with my students and co-workers. Thanks. ”

Tabri Hicks
Teacher – Pima Butte Elementary, Maricopa, AZ
“ Take it to the schools for students and teachers to learn. I will use it in my classroom… I am very impressed! ”

Joni Smith
Department Head (Math) – Northrop High School, Fort Wayne, IN
“ As a former teacher, I greatly appreciated the variety of teaching styles. ”

Kathy Brown
Phoenix, AZ
“ Extraordinary! You are an incredible teacher. This will definitely enhance any teaching and ability to remember the names of my students. I have been teaching for 40 years. I would definitely recommend this workshop. ”

Brother Michael Avila
St. Mary’s College – Moraga, CA
“ Dave, you have made a believer of me in your techniques. I know if nothing else, I will be able to remember people’s names better! Thank you so much! ”

Vicki Campbell , Retired Teacher
Paradise Valley Unified School District, Paradise Valley, AZ
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