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“ This memory course is way under priced! Thank You! ”

Joe Pang
Innovative Mortgage Group – Glendale, AZ
“ The money I paid for this was not spent, it was an investment – in me. I have other investments but this one will be the most profitable one I've ever made. Incredible! You unlocked a door in me to power I never knew I had. I can now do things that I have never done before. ”

David DeLuna
Synergy Financial Partners – Walnut Creek, CA
“ Some of the best time I've invested in any course. Very powerful. ”

Bill Beard
Huntington Mortgage – Noblesville, IN
“ I have received more from this one course than from all of the other seminars/books combined. ”

Jeff Krueger
Firstar Home Mortgage – Scottsdale, AZ
“ The techniques were amazing. I can't wait to show my kids these techniques. It will change their school career. ”

Chris Wise
Silverstar Mortgage – Grand Rapids, MI
“ My memory has improved 1000%. It's unbelievable! I can't wait to show off. ”

Addie Creamer
All-American Mortgage – Merced, CA
“ I am amazed at what I learned and surprised myself with what I was able to remember – not just ‘memorize' – but actually remember – INSTANT RECALL! Thanks for helping me believe that I can continually improve my memory. ”

Michelle Nehrig
Ace Mortgage Funding – Lafayette, IN
“ I never thought that remembering items, names, numbers were so easy and fun at the same time. ”

Stan Lund , Owner
Lund Mortgage – Peoria, AZ
“ I am about to do some seminars about Reverse Mortgage. I am a nervous speaker and I feel sure that I will be more secure and sure of myself when I do the presentations and seminars using these techniques. Well worth the money spent. ”

Julie Spencer
Fairway Independent Mortgage – Stillwater, OK
“ It's almost embarrassing to see how easy this was. A simple method to solve some very complicated issues. Thank You! ”

John Runge
National City Mortgage – Fort Wayne, IN
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