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“ Tremendous techniques for remembering names of people… great for increasing business. ”

Dick Read
Sales Partners Worldwide – Fort Wayne, IN
“ This course was well worth the investment of money and time. I would suggest everyone do this – you will not be disappointed. ”

Beverly McCormick
Stanley Consultants – Phoenix, AZ
“ I have been in sales for over 20 years, and I have never learned anything that I feel will be as beneficial as your program. ”

Bob Farmer
Commercial Press, Inc. – Palm Springs, CA
“ Best course I have ever taken. I wish I would have taken this class 20 years ago. I will use the tools I have learned for the rest of my life. Thank so much. ”

John Baack
American Airlines – Tulsa, OK
“ It was more than I ever imagined. I now have a system to recall lists, speeches and to learn Spanish!!! Thank you so much for changing my life. ”

Pamela Rowley
Mary Kay Cosmetics – Indianapolis, IN
“ An outstanding course. My only regret is not having this training in high school and college. It will certainly prove to be a valuable asset in my work with the Army Reserve. ”

Dave Chapman
Department of the Army – Wichita, KS
“ I am totally blown away! I was very skeptical about the course at first. It is so exciting to actually remember what I learned! And to learn how to remember the names of people – totally priceless! What a gift for life. Thank You! ”

Valerie Close
Schuster Printing – Tempe, AZ
“ I was stuck in a rut professionally and could not get past the issue of remembering names. In just 20 minutes I was able to remember 26 names! I will always use the tools I've learned! Thank You! ”

Ed Han
Stockton Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors – Stockton, CA
“ Prior to this, I seriously considered retiring from pharmacy – too many new drug names, etc. Now, well hey, I think I can keep up. Watch me… ”

Dr. Dave Craft
Indianapolis, IN
“ I would suggest everyone, young and old, take advantage of this training. ”

Crissy Lancaster-Scott
WAIV AM Radio – Birmingham, AL
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