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“ This was amazing! I loved it and will absolutely use all of these techniques. It was fun, engaging and a great time. ”

Don Rodie
Cushman & Wakefield – Phoenix, AZ
“ If you've ever questioned your ability to remember/recall – take this course. It's so simple it's awesome. This is powerful stuff. ”

Ned Wood
Colliers International – Pleasanton, CA
“ Thank you for fulfilling a desire that I have had for years to expand my memory which I have struggled with all my life. ”

Cat Isfan
1st USA Commercial Properties – Phoenix, AZ
“ It's absolutely amazing how in just a short time I am able to use the techniques taught and remember names, objects, equations, etc. This was definitely worthwhile! Thanks! ”

Lisa Kohler
Colliers International – Pleasanton, CA
“ Well done! In addition to accomplishing the purpose of memory improvement, you made the time fun, challenging, and fast moving! ”

Bob Lindgren
Grubb & Ellis/Harding Dahm – Indianapolis, IN
“ Thank you so much for opening up a great world for me. The process is sooo easy! I can't wait to wow them all. ”

Sam Halpin
1st USA Commercial Properties – Phoenix, AZ
“ I found this training very valuable. I look forward to putting these techniques to work immediately. The presentation was engaging and effective and has changed the way I consider my own limitations on my memory. I am no longer self-limited and I expect this to make a great difference in my business and social life. ”

Larry Koch
PMZ Commercial – Modesto, CA
“ As Bob Hope would say… “Thanks for the Memories!” Much appreciated and money well spent. ”

Kevin Ellis
NAI Harding Dahm – Fort Wayne, IN
“ This opened a whole new ability that I did not know I had. ”

Mark Gustin
Cushman & Wakefield – Phoenix, AZ
“ I can't believe I could learn 23 new names when before I couldn't remember 2. You have truly given me a gift for life. ”

Tom Loeswick
Colliers International – San Jose, CA
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