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“ Outstanding! Amazingly simple yet I can truly see it used and practiced – this works! ”

Toby Pittenger
Tom Ahl Chrylser Dodge – Lima, OH
“ Super fantastic! No other words can describe the unlimited possibilities! Thanks a million. ”

Jeff Brown
Sale Auto Mall – Dalton, GA
“ It was well worth the investment. Thanks! ”

Seth Bryant
Anderson Ford Lincoln Mercury – St. Joseph, MO
“ You delivered much more than expected! Unbelievable and well worth the investment. ”

Don Drennen , Owner
Don Drennen Buick – Hoover, AL
“ This will benefit everyone old or young. It will be the best spent time and money. This will be beneficial FOREVER. You have to get your mind out of the sleep mode and into the growth. You will see instant results, even financially. ”

Bill Turner
Dublin Honda – Dublin, CA
“ Will undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on future sales and benefit me for the rest of my life. ”

Dana McNelis
Sunset Ford – Peoria, AZ
“ This will undoubtedly make a tremendous impact on my life and sales ability. Thanks for touching my life. ”

Wayne Montgomery
Hubler Dodge – Indianapolis, IN
“ This training blew me away. I have always had trouble with names. I would forget them as soon as I meet them. The techniques that I learned will be with me for the rest of my life. ”

Scott Ludwig
York Chrysler – Prescott, AZ
“ Incredible! This has been the best training I have ever experienced! ”

Larry Azbill
Newton Oldsmobile – Chattanooga, TN
“ This has been the single most helpful and interesting self-improvement course I have ever taken. Your timing, delivery, expertise and professionalism speak volumes of your love for what this program can do for the average person. ”

Keith Spraig
Birmingham Chevrolet – Birmingham, AL
“ This is the most incredible course I have ever taken! I have always struggled through short term memory limitations. I have studied memorization techniques through college and CPA exam preparation. Nothing worked without hours of preparation and time consuming analogies. This will work… it already has. I can't even sleep. This will make a difference in my professional and personal life. ”

Monica Whitmore
Hampton Roads Harley Davidson – Newport News, VA
“ I've always thought of myself as incapable of remembering. I compensated by fast talking and avoiding when necessary. Today my son and I worked together and shocked each other with what we were capable of. This is a new beginning. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and remember what I learned, not for tomorrow but for a long time in the future. ”

Bob Kay
Beaudry RV – Mesa, AZ
“ Such an easy way to remember things. Thank You! ”

Stacy Tabler
Tom Ahl Dealerships – Lima, OH
“ This definitely helped me develop skills to improve memory ability! I would recommend this for anyone! ”

Ted Welch
Rolls Royce Corporation – Indianapolis, IN
“ The best time I've spent in over thirty years! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

Greg Feher
Janzen Toyota – Stillwater, OK
“ Just having this skill to remember names will be very helpful in my everyday life. ”

Bert Rabell
Ed Martin North – Indianapolis, IN
“ Absolutely fantastic! This will help anyone's memory. I was impressed with how much more my memory increased. Thanks! ”

Jane Lyons
Big Valley Ford – Stockton, CA
“ It was well worth it! This stuff works! ”

David Groves
Scott Crump Toyota – Jasper, AL
“ This was great!! I will use it as much as I can – everyday! ”

Dan Tocco
Eriks Chevrolet – Kokomo, IN
“ Great speaker and teacher! I truly feel this will change my life… it has already changed my life. Greater confidence, lighter heart, and less stress. Looking forward to putting your techniques into action! ”

Ralph Snider
Pfeiffer Plainfield Lincoln Mercury – Grand Rapids, MI
“ You have transformed me from the “absent-minded professor” to a “fountain of information”. Thank you very much. ”

Randy Berg
Budget Car Sales – Gilbert, AZ
“ Many years, many schools, a few good instructors and teachers, and some bad. Dave is the best speaker I have had the honor to hear. I was kept interested, motivated and moved. I feel I was left with a lesson in life as an added freebie! ”

Danny Shepherd
Southside Harley Davidson – Indianapolis, IN
“ I feel that the program was fun as well as informative, and it was worth the investment. ”

Bill Hoffman
Tom Ahl Chrysler Dodge – Lima, OH
“ I received much more than I expected. The benefit from this will last myself and my family the rest of our lives. ”

Cary Wickersham
Mike Garrett Chevrolet – Checotah, OK
“ Extreme! Awesome way of memory recall never taught to me before! ”

Brian King
Kokomo Auto World – Kokomo, IN
“ This was the best and simplest and most powerful technique I've ever used for memory. Great course for anyone. Thanks again. ”

Steve Carley
Big Valley Ford – Stockton, CA
“ This was terrific! We set goals this year, and one of those goals was to learn our customers' names and be able to use them in conversation. This fits in perfectly with the way that we aspire to do business. The class was fun and I would definitely recommend it the EVERYONE! ”

Kendall Hamilton
Devan Lowe – Rainbow City, AL
“ I really think I will be able to use this for the rest of my life. ”

Patrick O'Neill
Wiese GM Toyota – Columbus, IN
“ I had a great time learning how to improve my memory. This will definitely help me increase my earning potential. ”

Raul Villanueva Jr.
Power Nissan – Tempe, AZ
“ Unbelievable! Never thought I could remember so much in just a short time. ”

Ralph Pitman
Rolls Royce Corporation – Indianapolis, IN
“ Very informative, fun, and worthwhile! I am always ready to sharpen the mind. This was a new and exciting way to learn and function on a new level. ”

Kevin King
Tom Ahl Dealerships – Lima, OH
“ I was amazed at how simple but effective the memory techniques are. Extremely FUN and entertaining. I felt Dave was genuine and the “real thing”. A LIFE CHANGING experience. Thank You. ”

Todd Suender
Tracy Honda – Tracy, CA
“ Real eye-opener knowing with a little effort you can remember and recall anything you want. ”

Pat Olinger
Horner Pontiac Buick GMC – Crawfordsville, IN
“ I feel that this has been very beneficial to me and I am looking forward to applying everything that I have learned. I would definitely recommend this to others! My only regret is that I didn't have this course 20-25 years earlier! ”

Shonne Guy
Midfield Dodge Jeep – Midfield, AL
“ This was a great experience. I feel this will be great in the future, not only for work but at play… thanks much! ”

Rich Sarchenke
Fiesta Lincoln Mercury – Mesa, AZ
“ I have always tried hard to remember people's names and they are always gone in 2 seconds even if I repeated their name right then. Today I just met and remembered 9 people's names. This is a great program! ”

David Bucko
Northpoint Ford – Danville, IN
“ Thanks!!! I never would have thought I could remember that many names in such a short time. That itself was worth the investment. I feel like I'm cured! ”

Alejandro Velazquez
Gilroy Toyota – Gilroy, CA
“ I have been through several programs over the years but none have been as fulfilling as yours. ”

Paula Kantz
Bud Wolf Chevrolet – Indianapolis, IN
“ A terrific class for all! I learned to have fun with my already crazy imagination and get rid of the cobwebs that slow us down. ”

Maggie Farler
Tom Ahl Dealerships – Lima, OH
“ Thank you for giving your wisdom to make me better at my job. The information is priceless! ”

Todd Archer
Mike Raisor Pontiac – Lafayette, IN
“ I learned things that I had only heard about over the years. I look forward to learning more and using it! ”

David Mullins
Champion Chevrolet – Birmingham, AL
“ Fantastic. Lots of fun. Worth every penny… and then some. ”

Roger Barchus
Fiesta Lincoln Mercury – Mesa, AZ
“ GREAT JOB! I've never met 34 people before and mastered their names in only 20 minutes. Thank you. I know it will make my job and life much more fun! Great for the attitude and for day to day operations! ”

Rudy Hampton , GM
Hubler Dodge – Indianapolis, IN
“ Thank you for everything. I was impressed in the first few minutes. Never thought it was possible. Future personal endeavors for myself are my instrument flight rules certificate; this will help immensely with all of the memorization for this course. ”

Dave Moore
Borcherding Pontaic Buick GMC – Cincinnati, OH
“ This will be a great tool in the future. It would have been great to know this in college. ”

Adam Brindel
Jim Bailey's Harley Davidson – Fort Wayne, IN
“ Thank you for putting me in motion to learn and experience something new and something that will help me in the future. ”

Michael Gordon
Century Buick – Huntsville, AL
“ A must for anyone and everyone whether it be on a personal note or a business note! Dave has a wonderful way of making you learn some very simple items that will make a difference in your life!! I plan to use them on a daily basis. ”

Jane Williford
Tracy Motors – Tracy, CA
“ Wonderful and insightful… best time spent. My memory is back! ”

Jack Oliver , Owner
Oliver Ford – Plymouth, IN
“ Your training on memory techniques was fun and informative. It was a lot easier than you would think to effectively use your memory and to instantly recall information and to recall within seconds. ”

Karen Cardinal
Buy Direct Automotive Group – Mesa, AZ
“ I know I've grown from this and will have a much better outlook on remembering things. ”

Matt Henry
McGonigal Buick – Kokomo, IN
“ Very good, very enjoyable… loved it. Will be a huge help and have a great impact on my life! ”

Mike Bilbee
Evans Automotive – Kendallville, IN
“ I have done seminars for Ford for 7 years… and your flow, content and material were perfect. ”

Joe Cantando
Holmes Tuttle Ford – Tucson, AZ
“ One of the most valuable tools I've acquired. ”

Tony Wagner
JR Chevrolet – Clinton, IN
“ Was worth the money! ”

Dennis Cook
Borcherding Pontiac Buick GMC – Cincinnati, OH
“ Fantastic… I will take this knowledge with me forever. Many thanks! ”

Mike Yaeger
Warsaw Nissan – Warsaw, IN
“ Very impressed… I wished I had this years and years ago. I would probably be an astronaut. ”

Scott Neumann
Earnhardt Nissan – Mesa, AZ
“ I really enjoyed the class. I'm excited to go to work and see my new memory in action. ”

Craig Shoultz
McGonigal Buick – Kokomo, IN
“ Outstanding… something for everyone. ”

Don Hall
Bill Heard Chevrolet – Huntsville, AL
“ Worth every penny! ”

Dean Lloyd
Hiday Motors – Bluffton, IN
“ What a great education! My memory has already improved and I am excited about using these techniques within our organization. I can now remember names with confidence and look forward to new social situations. Great stuff! ”

Stan Newton , Executive VP
Holmes Tuttle Ford – Tucson, AZ
“ To anyone who doubts this course… You will be amazed! ”

Nick Mondry
Bud Wolf Chevrolet – Indianapolis, IN
“ If anyone questions the effectiveness of this course, have them call me. I will remember you forever! Thank you! ”

James Brown
Kearny Mesa Dodge – San Diego, CA
“ I appreciate your excellent presentation. I gave two presentations in the last year. I wish I had taken this course before! ”

Tammy Greenlee
Oliver Ford – Plymouth, IN
“ Pretty exciting to know I still do have a memory and I can't wait to show off and continue to improve my memory and success in the future… which begins in the very next second! ”

Rose Wallace
Earnhardt Nissan – Mesa, AZ
“ Well worth the time and money. ”

Rami Omran
Saturn of Fishers – Fishers, IN
“ The difference between success and failure is ATTITUDE! This quote changed my outlook on selling and on my life in general, as well as this class. I will highly recommend your course to everyone. Thank You! ”

Tom Kurek
Colonial Ford – Birmingham, AL
“ I feel this course will not only help me with my work… but my entire life in general! ”

Al Bustamante
Mike Anderson Chrysler Dodge Jeep – Rochester, IN
“ Most informative and helpful… ”

Jim Stokes
Mountain View Nissan – Chatanooga, TN
“ This surpassed all of my expectations. Phenomenal! Thank You!! ”

John Bahler
Ed Martin Acura – Indianapolis, IN
“ The education received will forever change my life and those around me. ”

Greg Floyd
Pedigo Chevrolet – Indianapolis, IN
“ The most effective course I've ever taken! ”

Dan Lewis
Lexus of Marin – San Rafael, CA
“ I can't ever remember having so much fun learning how to better access my own memory. For years people have accused me of being slightly mental, you've helped me become a mentalist. Thank You! ”

Jeffrey Mitchell
Lexus of Marin – San Rafael, CA
“ I was skeptical and not sure if it was a wise investment. I am very happy I decided to make the investment in both time and money. This is definitely something I will use for a lifetime!! ”

Mike Kim
Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA
“ Thank you so much for teaching us the secret to unlocking our memory. It is totally worthwhile and I would highly recommend for people that work in the automobile and real estate industry. ”

Kendrick Nursalim
Acura of Serramonte – Colma, CA
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