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Remember the Basics
The Basics of Memory Improvement

Remember the Basics: The Basics of Memory Improvement will show you that the most powerful computer ever created is right between our own ears. However, the challenge that most of us need to overcome is that our “operating system” is out of date, our “software” is incompatible and our “instruction manual” is lost.

It’s true that our memory works like a computer. Information is always coming in from all of our senses and is constantly being stored on our internal hard drive. And just like a computer, sometimes we know exactly where our brain has stored the information we need, making it very simple to access. Other times, we might not be able to recall the “folder” or even the “file name” we saved our information to, which is the reason we’re continually experiencing mental blocks and an inability to quickly remember.

So how can we access this information when we don’t even know where it’s being stored? Sure, the information is still in our brain but how do we get it back when we need it? Better yet, how do we keep this from happening in the first place? That’s where Remember Media comes in!


Remember the Basics DVD   $34.95
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